About M-Shinano


Thanks for paying us a visit. My name is Martin a professional writer who loves writing articles that discuss the various tourist attraction sites in Japan and other parts of the world. I have been doing this for over 10 years now, part of it online before the inception of blogging. I established with blog with a couple of my friends in a bid to create awareness about the many destinations that Japan has to offer such as Shinano River.

It would not be possible to achieve the huge success that I have managed to gather so far, were it not for my team of researchers and writers who work tirelessly day and night to ensure that our site remains on top of search engines. To do this, we use only Whitehat SEO strategies, which most blogs love to hate.

We also have a special team of website designers whose main role is to ensure that the website is always live and functioning as it should be. This has greatly helped us to retain our readers and also attract more from various platforms such as social media. We promise to work even hard to make the site more user friendly and in line with your specific needs and preferences. One of the bold steps in the right direction that we made is making the site mobile friendly. That is, you can access it from virtually all internet enabled mobile devices.